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    Nurse Jobs in Northern Ireland

    With over 40 years of combined experience in the healthcare recruitment sector, Presto Nursing stands as a symbol of quality, reliability, and excellence. Over the last decade, the company has been at the forefront of founding some of the UK’s largest nursing agencies, demonstrating a deep understanding of the recruitment process.

    Presto Nursing takes pride in being on government frameworks and strictly adheres to compliance standards. The company places a strong emphasis on screening and registering candidates to meet the highest compliance levels, ensuring that clients receive suitably skilled professionals tailored to their specific needs.

    Our Services

    Presto Nursing offers a range of services to meet the staffing needs of various healthcare settings. Whether you are an Acute Hospital, Community Hospital, Private Hospital, Prison, Secure Training Centre, Mental Health Unit, CAMHS Team, DAT Team, Nursing Home, EMI Unit, or Residential Care Home, Presto Nursing can supply professionals across all grades.

    The company’s ability to handle last-minute bookings, provide lines of work, and offer continuity through both temporary supply and permanent placements sets it apart. Presto Nursing believes that successful client relationships stem from effective communication, building trust, and delivering on promises consistently.

    Available Nursing Roles

    Explore the diverse nursing roles available through Presto Nursing in Northern Ireland:

    1. Health Care Assistant (HCA): As an HCA, you play a crucial role in providing essential care and support to patients. Your responsibilities may include assisting with daily activities, monitoring vital signs, and ensuring patients’ well-being.
    2. Support Workers: Support Workers are integral to the healthcare team, offering assistance to individuals with various healthcare needs. This role may involve providing emotional support, helping with daily tasks, and facilitating independence.
    3. Registered General Nurse (RGN): RGNs form the backbone of healthcare, delivering comprehensive nursing care to patients. Whether in hospitals or community settings, RGNs are key contributors to maintaining and improving patient health.
    4. Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN): RMNs focus on the mental health aspect of nursing, providing care to individuals experiencing mental health issues. This role involves assessment, planning, and implementing interventions to support mental well-being.

    Why Choose Presto Nursing?

    • Comprehensive Experience: Benefit from over 40 years of combined experience in healthcare recruitment, ensuring a deep understanding of industry dynamics.
    • Government Frameworks: Presto Nursing’s presence on government frameworks reflects a commitment to compliance and adherence to the highest standards.
    • Tailored Recruitment: Presto Nursing prioritizes screening and registering candidates to meet specific compliance levels, ensuring clients receive professionals with the right skills.
    • Versatile Staffing Solutions: Whether you require last-minute bookings, lines of work, or permanent placements, Presto Nursing has the flexibility to meet your staffing needs.
    • Quality Relationships: The company believes in building lasting relationships with clients through effective communication, trust-building, and consistent service delivery.

    Nurse Roles in Northern Ireland

    Embark on a fulfilling nursing career in Northern Ireland with Presto Nursing. Explore opportunities as an HCA, Support Worker, RGN, or RMN, and be part of a team dedicated to delivering excellence in healthcare staffing. Join Presto Nursing today and take the first step towards a rewarding professional journey.